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September 2023 LIFENET Telepathic Workshop


Autumn Equinox Telepathic Workshop 2023

  • Sunday September 17th in the MORNING at 09.00
  • Tuesday, September 19th in the EVENING at 20.00

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The workshop program can be found in different languages on these web pages: www.lifenet.si/meditations or https://www.lebensnetz-geomantie.de.

If you wish to receive the workshop text by mail, please email Iveta at: iveta.sugarkova@gmail.com and let her know the language that you require from the different languages offered on LifeNet; Iveta will send the workshop texts to participants.


This workshop is telepathic and we orientate ourselves according to the course of the Sun. That means no matter where the participant is located, the workshop always begins at the given time according to your local time zone.

Since we each have different rhythms of how we engage in our spiritual work we no longer need to propose specific timeframes for each exercise of the workshop. Take as much time as you need for each sequence.


Group attunement

Be grounded in your heart and body and feel the presence of our group, which includes elemental, angelic and spiritual beings who support us. Although we are spread widely around the world, we come together in our love for Gaia and our sense of shared responsibility for the life of Earth.

Sequence 1: The blessing of water (created by Tea Golob)

  1. Stand or sit down with your spine straight. Open your heart space – you perceive a soft waterfall of golden white water gently pouring from above, creating a shining pond below it.
  2. Step into this pond, raise and cup your hands, fill them with the water and pour it over the top of your head. Feel how the droplets of the water merge with every cell in your body, infusing them with the white light and power. Become aware of each cell in your body, dive into the subatomic level, and observe this watery light shining on a macroscopic, quantum level. You feel your body is like a composition of infinite galaxies.
  3. Now, be aware of your whole body. Step directly under the waterfall. Like a seed, you are able to grow. You are expanding wider and larger, until you become the whole Earth. Observe how all the beings, trees, plants, animals and elementals are a part of you. Water is feeding your entire body, enabling all and everything to be wonderfully alive. You expand larger and larger, beyond the solar system and galaxies, and merge with them, all the way to infinity.
  4. Next you come to the source of the waterfall. You see a shining portal and step into the white light. You feel completely fulfilled, calm, safe, loved.  You then return to the shining pond. Once again you are holding the shining droplets of the water in your hands – you become aware that your own light and power feeds and nourishes all life.


Sequence 2: The seven swords in the heart of the Holy Mary (created by Marko Pogačnik)


During the Journey of Peace following the 2023 LifeNet Gathering a group travelled (on a bus and as well as telepathically) towards Eastern Europe. We became aware that there is a blockage in this direction – the participation of the eastern countries at the Gathering was minimal. Marko saw the blockage as a revival of the Iron Curtain that the Soviet Union created after the Second World War. It was dismantled around 1990. However, with the onset of the war in Ukraine the Iron Curtain was re-established by the western countries. Since the European East is closely related to the loving powers of the Holy Mary, we associated this Iron Curtain to the traditional image of Holy Mary with seven swords piercing her heart. The travelling group removed those swords from her heart during a ritual in the St. Michael Basilica in Hildesheim, Germany.


Marko has translated and updated the language of the seven swords piercing the heart of Holy Mary. The seven swords are listed below. We will remove each one from the joined and connected heart of Gaia and humanity. We will transform each sword with the help of swarms of micro elemental beings that we call “Gaia Sparks.” The Gaia Sparks will appear out of the palms of your open hands.

  1. First sword: The Earth is falsely regarded as a hard materialized ball by a majority of the human race.
  2. Second sword: Outdated intercellular links within our bodies are blocking essential processes of transmutation, holding human beings in old patterns.
  3. Third sword: outdated networks of energy lines hold the sacred places of Gaia fixed in ancient roles so that they cannot freely move in the current ongoing rhythms of Earth transformation.
  4. Fourth sword: Our present civilization developed methods of power and manipulation to force the elementary beings of Gaia to cooperate in the creation of innumerable destructive objects and processes that work against life, such as armaments that kill.
  5. Fifth sword: Masses of human beings are caught up in dualistic patterns of consciousness that create and result in conflict with one another.
  6. Sixth sword: Dragon powers, as the primeval powers of creation, are imprisoned within the human mind as images of monsters – with the consequence that they are therefore unable to be fully active where their participation and support is greatly needed in the ongoing process of Earth changes.
  7. Seventh sword: The image of a monotheistic God created by world religions creates such powerful sounds of illusion and despair that human beings cannot hear the voice of Gaia, nor the inner voice of their hearts.


Sequence 3: Embodying the Egg of the Divine Feminine Trinity (created by Ying Li)


The egg (ovum) is a miracle of life carrying the codes of Gaia’s creativity. There is a sacred moment in the gestation period when we as an egg are part of our mother’s and grandmother’s body at the same time. As we connect to this cellular memory of the feminine holy trinity, we activate the powers of the divine feminine within ourselves and on the planetary level.


  1. Imagine you are an egg within your mother’s body. Feel complete peace and joy as you hold the codes of life in your primal spherical form.
  2. Then see your mother as an embryo, also a perfect form of life. You are an egg within her embryonic body, supported by the angelic and elemental beings who take care of womb life.
  3. Feel your mother’s embryonic body floating in amniotic waters and yourself like a glowing seed within her. You then become aware of a larger body: your grandmother as a pregnant woman carrying your mother in her womb.
  4. Together your grandmother, your mother and you form a holy trinity: an egg with the feminine power of three. You are a seed of life within a larger seed of life (your mother), who is within an even larger seed of life (your grandmother). Take a moment to sense this egg of the divine feminine trinity, which you embody no matter if you are a man or a woman.
  5. As you hold this feminine power within you, ask for any needed healing to take place in your family line and the lines of all beings within the Earth cosmos. Sense the wisdom and love of all the feminine lineages worldwide flowing through you, imbuing you with peace, strength and creativity.



  1. Be aware that one of the purposes of participating in the telepathic workshops is to offer the opportunity to beings of other dimensions and worlds of Gaia to collaborate together with us humans on themes important to us all.
  2. Take some moments to feel all those wonderful beings, and to express your gratitude.
  3. Ask these beings and worlds to repeat (with us) the proposed exercises into the future, if they are free to do so.

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