Creative LifeNet Gathering 2023

Telepatska delavnica LifeNet v okviru Creative LifeNet Gathering 2023 v Bad Meinberg od 31. julija do 4. avgusta 2023

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LifeNet Telepathic Workshop as part of the 2023 Creative LifeNet Gathering in Bad Meinberg from July 31st to August 4th 2023

The program of the workshop will include the group gathered daily at Bad Meinberg, Germany as well as by those LifeNet participants worldwide who cannot attend the Gathering in person.

To Restore the Human Matrix is the central theme of the proposed 4-day workshop that will be created by the group of more than one hundred members on site as well as those worldwide who will collaborate telepathically. The sequences of the workshop were created by Ying Li, Simona Čudovan, Tea Golob, Annette Frederking and Marko Pogačnik.

The collaboration consists of:

  • Participation in the silent morning meditation each day between 07.30 and 08.00; and
  • Participation in the Restoring the Human Matrix workshop listed and described below. Since the program rhythms of the Gathering and the workshop times vary, feel free to participate daily according to your personal time frame. For orientation, the times of the workshop in Bad Meinberg are given below.

The workshop program can be found in different languages on these web pages: www.lifenet.si/meditations or https://www.lebensnetz-geomantie.de

  • We work in alignment with the Sun, so start at the given hour according to your local time.
  • If needed, review the Guidelines for Telepathic Workshops published on these two websites.
  • Study the workshop text beforehand; have it printed with you or available on your computer or phone, so that you can follow the sequences.


Tuning of the group

  1. Be aware that as a group we are scattered around the world. Be aware also of the group that participates at the Gathering in Bad Meinberg at the heart of Germany. Move your subtle antennas and feel the presence of the group members.
  2. We form a circle and invite ancestors and descendants of the human race to join the circle. Be aware of how you feel as they stand with us in the same circle.
  3. Now we invite the elemental and archetypal beings of the Earthly kingdoms to join us. We also invite the beings of the angelic network. Be aware of how you feel as they stand with us in the circle.

Monday July 31st from 20.30 till 21.00


Sequence 1

Freedom to the Water Element

Water is the element that distributes the essence of life to all beings embodied upon the Earth – be it in material or subtle bodies. At one point in our planetary evolution, powers foreign to the Earth wanted to steal the knowledge from Gaia about how it is possible to give spiritual levels a physical, touchable incarnation. A plan was developed by these powers to obtain access to water in its capacity to sustain life on Earth in its embodied form. A black code was infiltrated into the human matrix, since the human being as a co-creator with Gaia has free and ready access to all levels of her creation. With the help of this black code access to the cosmic qualities of water fell into false hands while the human access to it was almost erased (frozen). As a consequence the human race has almost lost its pristine connections with all other beings of the Earthly cosmos, as well as with precious loving human interrelationships.


  1. This false code can be imagined as the linear codes that are printed upon all objects that are bought and sold in markets.
  2. In our case this dangerous code consists of six black lines that repeat three times (666). Imagine this linear code positioned in the causal space far behind the back of your body. It is a code that has accompanied the human race (mostly not recognized) for ages, from generation to generation.
  3. Now we work on transmuting the lines of the code. First, change the black color of the lines into dark violet to invoke the powers of transmutation and transformation. Accompany this process of transmutation with your intuition and feelings.
  4. Then let lines of the transformed code glide slowly in a large circle around your body. While gliding towards the space in front of your body the lines of the code change their color following the colors of the rainbow – from violet to blue, then green, yellow and white.
  5. Arriving at the space in front of your body the 666 code is now transformed into the number 999 – which traditionally is the number of the Goddess.
  6. The transformed code begins to radiate white light as strong as the midday sun. In the warmth of this sun the frozen water within the human matrix melts.
  7. Now imagine that the water of love and life starts to flow freely between your heart space and beings that surround you at all different levels of creation, our fellow human beings included.

Sequence 2

Close the false door of birth!

A disastrous intervention has occurred in the human matrix that prevents the angelic guardians at the door (portal) of birth to perform their true and given task. These angelic guardians must stop those beings that have no right to become embodied upon the Earth, and protect and keep the portal open only to those who have access according to the cosmic law.

What occurred is that in order to suppress the true angelic guardians, the false image of “luciferic angels” was projected upon them (that these angels are cursed by God because they “have gone too deep into matter”) – consequently binding the true angels from undertaking their true given role and responsibility. On the contrary, the true service of these angels demands that they enter deeply into the sphere of Gaia. For this purpose the body of elemental beings was given to them. Hence we call them “elemental angels”.

As a consequence of this cruel distortion and projection upon the bound angels at the portal of birth, masses of beings from other planetary systems have incarnated on Earth that are not ready for embodying in matter or have malicious purposes for incarnating. The cause of the resulting chaos upon the planet is hidden by those foreign powers that try to steal from Gaia the jewel of the embodied paradise that she has created.

  1. Focus your attention on the Earth Element chakra that pulsates between your knees to enter the prison where the elemental angels, guardians to the portal of birth, are imprisoned. Their place of service extends between the human sexual zone and the Earth Element chakra.
  2. To free the elemental angels at the portal of birth they need to be reconnected to the highest chakra above your head. Move your hands in a horizontal position three levels above your head to locate the proper position – this is where the chakra of the Air Element is located. The Air Element It connects the human body to the angelic realm.
  3. Use the path along your backbone to connect the elemental angels serving at the portal of birth (focused between your knees) to their angelic home, the Air Element chakra. Enjoy the moment when the elemental angels embrace their angelic parents.
  4. Now feel and imagine the elemental angels standing at the portal of birth as free beings. Ask them to continue with their service to Gaia and the human race – that they allow passage to the door of incarnation only to those beings, human or of other kind, that walk the path of love, with the key to embodiment upon the Earth in their hands.

Tuesday, August 1st from 19.30 till 20.00

(Silent morning meditation at 07.30)

Sequence 1

The feminine aspect has been distorted within the human matrix

Millennia of patriarchal rule throughout human history have created a destructive distortion in the relationship between the masculine and feminine principles. To achieve grandiose patriarchal empires the masculine principle has enslaved its feminine counterpart. The purpose of this enslavement was to enable men to dominate women and aspire to obtain the capacity of giving birth that according to the natural law is reserved for women. To achieve this purpose the code of masculine domination has been inserted into the feminine matrix. This manipulation has enabled patriarchal cultures to “give birth” to powerful civilizations – that currently are about to enslave all forms of life, including human beings.

  1. As a consequence of this violation of the feminine nature, the masculine matrix of the human being itself is deeply wounded. To hide this secret wound the cult of artificial intelligence recently has been developed. Men aspire to deny and escape from this wound by concealing themselves in the robots that he builds.
  2. To heal the distorted and destructive masculine aspect of the human matrix the codes that enabled violation of its feminine counterpart need to be erased.
  3. Imagine that your masculine aspect appears in front of your face consumed with the feeling of guilt for its manipulation of the feminine principle. (This relates both to both men and women because the masculine aspect belongs to our entire human matrix, all of us.)
  4. Bring the masculine aspect into your heart space and give it comfort and shelter. Your feminine aspect forgives her masculine brother for his manipulation.
  5. Now the masculine aspect within you turns his head down and glides deep down towards the core of the Earth. Gliding through the body of Gaia the false code is erased and transformed into the primeval dust from which it has been formed.
  6. The masculine principle glides upward and returns to the surface of Gaia, now purified into the matrix of the human being, to enable the restoration of the balance between feminine and masculine principles. Feel deeply the restored balance within yourself.

Sequence 2

Transforming the dominating vertical

More and more people express their will to stop the destruction of nature. But the destructive processes cannot be stopped without a decisive and powerful change in the human matrix. The vertical power structures dominating the human matrix need to be reshaped into a spherical interconnected network. This shift can dissolve the force that drives human civilization to continue with the destruction of nature and the planet.

  1. Sit with your backbone straight, or lie down on your back.
  2. Imagine that you are sitting or lying in a spherical space. You change your position to adjust to the spherical form.
  3. Your body now expands to closely touch the spherical form. Expand your head and feet, along and following the spherical space – your feet finally touch the crown of your head. How does your body feel in this spherical shape? What kind of inner space does it open?
  4. Now imagine that other LifeNet members are also adjusted to the same spherical form. In this way our bodies create a spherical light grid in resonance with the body of the Earth. How does this feel? How would a spherical planetary space feel if created by the whole human family?
  5. Now the spherical space of the Earth can open in all directions and to touch all beings of nature residing in different dimensions of multidimensional reality. How does it feel for the human family to once again be integrated into the community of all life?

Wednesday, August 2nd from 12:00-12.30

(Silent morning meditation at 07.30)

Sequence 1

Personal transformation within the being of Gaia

As Gaia’s multidimensional body undergoes dramatic change, deeply held tensions and distorted patterns within the matrices of all co-evolutions are rising to the surface for transmutation. On the manifested level we experience shifts in our physical and emotional bodies, transitions in personal and collective circumstances, and growing pains. Yet within these upheavals is a golden opportunity to participate in a wondrous transformation of cosmic proportions. By anchoring in trust, peace and open heartedness, we support Gaia’s quantum leap as a sublime metamorphosis where we and all beings within the Earthly cosmos can recreate ourselves anew.

  1. Imagine a magnificently beautiful butterfly flying before you. This butterfly is Indigo Gaia, cosmic Earth in creative transformation. The butterfly flies to the centre of your chest and lands on your sternum. There she becomes a caterpillar once again.
  2. Nestled on your sternum, the caterpillar creates a silky pad where she sheds her skin and forms a chrysalis. Within the chrysalis she dissolves and breaks down her old tissues and structures into a divine primordial soup of love. Take a moment to sense this radical transformation of Indigo Gaia.
  3. As your body connects with the chrysalis on your sternum, feel yourself enveloped within its resonance. See your inner body full of swirling colours, dissolving what is no longer needed while forming new cells, matrices and vital-energy centers. The process is miraculous – like growing new body parts!
  4. You now become aware of a beautiful set of translucent wings growing within you. At the moment the wings are folded over your body like an embrace. Allow yourself to rest here, and ask that any fears, disturbances or disconcerting feelings related to drastic changes be transmuted. Feel how Gaia is holding all beings in her universe with deep love and care.

Sequence 2

The place of God in the human matrix

Much has been done in the last few decades to recognize the true place of the feminine aspect of Divinity within the human matrix. She is recognized either as the threefold Goddess, as Gaia or as Sophia (her cosmic counterpart). But what about God? The distortions that monotheistic religions have projected upon the image of the masculine Divinity should not be the reason to erase its presence from the human matrix. If the principle of God is ignored, balance at the deepest level of the matrix is lost.

  1. You would like to feel the presence of God to know him face to face. But his presence is hidden behind the fog created by different images that monotheistic religions have projected upon his face.
  2. Suddenly in that moment a whirlpool of wind arrives and takes away all the layers of fog.
  3. God shows now as Pan, the Greek God of nature. Pan is present within all the innumerable manifestations of nature, the human race included. Feel how all beings of nature, those invisible and visible, resound within the majestic presence of Pan.
  4. Going a level deeper we open our hearts to God as a universal principle, as an archetypal father of all existing beings. He holds the universal order within which the creation of the archetypal Mother is embodied. Feel his limitless love for all beings and worlds – with you included.
  5. At another level God is embodied in masculine beings that appear as messengers of universal love and truth, for example, Christ or Michael. Feel their presence within your heart space.
  6. Yet on another level God is present within the human matrix in the form of an ethical codex that prevents human beings from becoming destroyers of life or transgressor of the universal order. Ensure that your life unfolds within the ethical codex as formulated through the Seven Letters from the Apocalypse. (See the Appendix 2)

Thursday, August 3rd from 15.00 till 15.30

(Morning meditation at 07.30)

Sequence 1

Restoring our inner and outer temples of light

The human matrix has been infiltrated by false light (Luciferic) powers, which have distorted our subtle body’s attunement to the light dimensions of Gaia. By restoring our inner and outer temples of light, we strengthen humanity’s co-creative capacities:

  1. Imagine you are standing before a glowing full moon. You open your arms and receive the rays of the moon like a pearlescent shower on your body.
  2. A large moonbeam then appears in front of you. You step onto the moonbeam and glide towards the moon. Within the moon is a beautiful sanctuary where you comfortably sit down.
  3. Sitting in the moon sanctuary you breathe deeply. Your body is infused by the soft light of the moon all around you. You then bring your attention to the pineal gland in the centre of your brain.
  4. You see the pineal gland as a sparkling crystal with rainbow colours. The pineal crystal then forms liquid drops, each drop with one colour of the rainbow. The drops fall slowly one by one, from the pineal gland into your heart space.
  5. Feel each colored drop landing in your heart, bringing you into deeper connection with the parallel worlds of Gaia –

Red: animals

Orange: elementals

Yellow: plants

Green: dragon powers

Blue: fairy realm

Indigo: angelic network

Violet: minerals

  1. This activation then inspires your whole body into movement or sound. Dance gently  or sing sweetly in the moon sanctuary, sending these vibrations with and along moonbeams to the entire world.

Sequence 2

The creative power of love within the human matrix

According to a hidden intervention into the human matrix we shall become accustomed to living without the constant flow of love among us – as well as in relationship to the worlds of Gaia. It may seem that this illusion is the natural state of life upon the Earth. No, it is not! The accustomed absence of loving relationships is a consequence of a cruel manipulation of the human matrix. This manipulation begins by infusing the human mind with the idea that love is exclusively a matter of sexual relationships on one hand and a spiritual quality on the other – often seen in a religious context. This kind of dualism annihilates our birthright as beings of the Earth to live and create as human beings grounded within the stream of love emanating from the heart of Gaia and her elementary helpers

  1. Imagine a secret chamber within your body that is in resonance with the human matrix. A number of precious stones positioned there represent different aspects of the matrix. Locate this chamber within your body.
  2. Ages ago a thief found a way to break into the chamber. He took away the ruby that stands for the power of multidimensional love.
  3. The ruby was exchanged with three plastic stones of grey colour. The words written on the plastic stones are “doubt,” “fear,” and “guilt.” How does the atmosphere in the matrix chamber feel now?
  4. The time of great changes is upon us. A whirlpool of water crosses the human matrix and takes the three false stones away. But the place of love is empty now – how do we revivify it in a new way?
  5. Put your hands in a crossed form upon your chest to connect with your three heart centres – the fractal of the common heart of humanity on your right, the individual heart sanctuary on your left, and the heart centre in the middle.
  6. Then open your hands and become aware of a blue diamond shining from within your heart space. The radiated light animates the empty space, and the human matrix is alive, shining and well once again.
  7. We as human beings can now draw upon extraordinary strong support from our matrix whenever we are about to embody the creative face of love in the conditions of daily life and creativity.

Appendix 1 (only for reading)

Nine ethical statements of the threefold Goddess


The white Goddess of the all embracing whole states:

  1. Carry no feelings of guilt! Know that your being is born in the sign of perfection!
  2. The capacity to perceive the whole spectrum of creation is your birthright!
  3. Follow the cyclical nature of your being! Be prepared for any unexpected call for change!


The red Goddess of the limitless abundance states:

  1. Protect the freedom of your being! Be attentive to the sound of your inner voice! Follow the path of your heart!
  2. Know the gift of your body! Your body is a house of joy and creation!
  3. Ask for what you need! Allow yourself to be endowed by the richness of life!


The black Goddess of transmutation states:

  1. Let us celebrate! Wherever you look, behold the breath of paradise.
  2. Release old patterns! Do not hesitate to clean your chambers of the past!
  3. Welcome silence in the face of whatever may transcend the human mind! Cultivate pure presence!


The ethical statements of the Goddess are derived from the book The Daughter of Gaia. (Marko Pogačnik, 2001 – German: Tochter der Erde)


Appendix 2: (only for reading)

Related to the sequence on the place of God in the human matrix and the new ethics


The seven foundations of the new ethics are hidden in the Revelation of Saint John, called Apocalypse in the Seven Letters, sent by Jesus the Christ to the seven early Christian communities in Asia Minor – Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamon, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.


Ephesus: Love!

Follow the voice of the heart. In each and every situation, no matter how difficult, be sure to embody the quality and the power of the primeval love.


Smyrna: Have no fear!

Do not become fearful in the face of anything that your personal or collective destiny might manifest upon your path. Preserve your inner peace in any situation.


Pergamon: Change yourself!

Be prepared to follow the constant stream of change. Be attentive to the many dimensions of yourself or of your creativity when calls for change occur.


Thyatira: Be truthful!

Listen to the sound of your heart and examine your mental paths in order to avoid becoming a victim of self-delusion.


Sardis: Be whole!

Be aware of your integral being. May your being be embraced by the feeling of wholeness. Be at any moment present in your core.


Philadelphia: Be true to yourself!

Do not forget who you are and the ideals that you decided to follow before your embodiment. Be mindful, remember your spiritual purpose.


Laodicea: Decide!

Each situation offers different possibilities. Choose one or another. The only thing that one should not afflict upon oneself in the epoch of change is to be indecisive.


Translated from the coded language of the Apocalypse by Marko Pogačnik, published in Creating Gaia Culture 2021 (German: Gaia Kultur erschaffen)


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