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November 2023 LifeNet Telepathic Workshop

  • Sunday November 26th in the morning at 09.00
  • Tuesday, November 28th in the evening at 20.00

The workshop program can be found in different languages on these web pages:

www.lifenet.si or https://www.lebensnetz-geomantie.de/.

This workshop is telepathic and we orientate ourselves according to the course of the Sun. That means no matter where the participant is located, the workshop always begins at the given time according to your local time zone.
If needed, review the Guidelines for Telepathic Workshops published on these two websites. Study the workshop plan beforehand and have it printed with you or available on your computer or phone, so that you can follow the sequences.
Since we each have different rhythms of how we engage in our spiritual work, take as much time as you need for each sequence.

Group attunement

Be grounded in your heart and body and feel the presence of our group, which includes elemental, angelic and spiritual beings who support us.
Although we are spread widely around the world, we come together in our love for Gaia and our sense of shared responsibility for the life of Earth.

Sequence 1: Renewing the Relationship between Humanity and the Animal Kingdom (Proposed by Ying Li)

For thousands of years horses have accompanied humans in their journeys across the manifest world. The profound friendship from the horse soul enabled humans to develop experiences of their own physical power. Yet in this time the animal kingdom is revising their contract with humanity. The animal body can no longer be held under the dominion of humans and we are entering an era of mutual love and respect between all the parallel evolutions of Gaia’s universe.

  1. Imagine you are standing before a horse. Turn out your palms in a gesture of receptivity. Observe with tenderness the face of the horse and gaze into its eyes.
  2. As you gaze into the eyes of the horse, you sense the collective horse soul which has supported human beings for thousands of years. Feel deep gratitude for the countless horses who have carried humans on their backs.
  3. You then hear the soft sound of the horse breathing, and it draws you into the awareness of your own breath moving through your body. As you breathe, you feel all the bones of your cranium (skull) and neck gently loosening. The horse is now freeing all the tightly held mental constructs and barriers which have built up in the human mind.
  4. As the joint spaces within your head unloosen, water begins to trickle out of these spaces. The water collects and forms two pristine streams running along the sides of your neck. The water passes your heart and flows into your pelvis.
  5. At this moment you become aware of the huge power within your pelvic area, the seat of your physical embodiment. A dragon force awakens in your sacrum and its impulses permeate all the cells of your body. Take a moment now to fully release the animal kingdom’s soul and elemental beings from subservience to humanity. Ask for any needed healing in this relationship to take place.
  6. You then hear the sound of the horse’s hooves on the ground, inviting you into a new partnership. Accept this invitation with love, and fly through consciousness with your dear horse friend. Feel the exhilaration and adventure of this new path.


Sequence 2: Cosmic love bringing forth civilizations of peace (Proposed by Haro Wijnsouw and Ying Li)

Like a battle for the middle world, the cosmic potential present in Israel-Palestine is so precious that the consequences of the war have deep repercussions for the entire fate of humanity. Our fear and resistance against the wholeness of love is shown through this war. In our limited perception, it seems that the peaceful universe is unreachable. Turning the universe inside out will open the situation completely. Gaia is embracing us, telling us that we have to fulfil a task: open to the universal love inside us to bring forth an unprecedented era of peace throughout the world.

  1. Imagine standing with the participants of the telepathic workshop in a circle holding hands around Jerusalem Mount in Jerusalem. We are representatives of humanity.
    2. Together we connect to the seed of perfect peace within ourselves. As we connect to the inner place of peace, the inner universe is expressed through ourselves and the group as representatives of humanity.
    3. A bright light grows in the centre of our circle, lifting us from the heart sphere of Jerusalem to the celestial realm, where there is the Aldebaran. Be aware of the bright light of this giant red red star in the constellation Taurus. Notice how the light of this star feels and how it touches your essence as a being loved by the entire universe.
    4. As our group soaks in the light of the star, a celestial rain of cosmic sparks begins to fall over Earth. This celestial rain dispels a dense fog which is covering the Earth, bringing clarity and harmony to human consciousness. See the fog disappearing and how humanity is growing in making this connection between universal and Earthly love
  2. The rain of cosmic sparks also lands in all the hearts of humanity, transmuting the hardness linked to war and separation. Our group then rejoins our families, friends and all the diverse beings we know, radiating the wholeness of love and universal peace to every aspect of our lives and beyond.

Sequence 3: Links connecting the inner universe of the Earth and the outer universe of the galaxy (Proposed by Marko Pogačnik)

The pressure upon the Earth and upon people who work towards the New is increasing. A dark fog is spreading around the Earth, creating insecurity and hopelessness within people. The Earth transformation process needs to be grounded and supported, as well as the freedom of individuals who are on the path of change. To this end a new system of loving and powerful connections between the inner and the outer Universe has begun to evolve. This system is like a sand clock (or hour glass) – see the drawing below – what is above flows towards the spaces below, and the same is true when the sand clock is turned around.

  1. Imagine looking into the night sky full of stars. Suddenly you notice that stars start to come together to build a bright wreath around the space of the galaxy.
  2. From the wreath of stars light and love beams approach the Earth in a conic form. Choose one of the sacred points upon the Earth that you know from your experience. Direct those beams towards your chosen focus point.
  3. After entering through this focus point the beams of the stars distribute light throughout the interior of the Earth. It is similar to the sand clock described above – the sand that existed in upper space has filled the space below.
  4. Now we lead the flow of connection in the opposite direction. Imagine that inside the inner universe of the Earth a large wreath of beings and virtues is formed, representing gifts of Gaia to the cosmic whole.
  5. From the sacred focus point that you have chosen, direct the beams from the wreath of Gaia qualities in a conic form through that point towards the galactic space. Feel how the gifts of Gaia are distributed among the worlds of the galaxy.
  6. Use your breath to support this process. Imagine inhaling from the wreath of stars in front of your body. After a short pause exhale into the inner universe of Gaia existing behind your back. Then exhale your breath in the opposite direction. (It may be easier if you lay down on your back.) Then feel the quality of the space within and around you.

Sequence 4: Igniting the power of crystals (Proposed by Tea Golob)

  1. Imagine that you are sitting in a circle with other humans. In the middle of the circle crystals within different landscapes from all over the world join in telepathically with their vibration; quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, jasper, obsidian, moonstone … Their presence creates an energetic spiral. To this spiral call in any crystal that you work with, or that feels close to you. Feel their immense power of manifestation and transformation, and attune to their pulse.
  2. Feel your own heart. From its core, thinly luminous threads start to grow like gentle roots. Observe how they merge with the spiral of the crystals. Our hearts are now connected through and with the crystals. Listen to the different heartbeats within this unison.
  3. Invite the ancestors to sit among us. Observe how sparkling threads from their hearts are rooting into the crystal spiral. Feel the strengthening connection between all of us, amplified with the power of crystals.
  4. Invite the representatives of dragon forces, elementals, fairies, gnomes, and all other beings from the Earth kingdom to join our circle. Invite also the spirits of the animal and plant kingdoms to sit among us. Observe how their hearts open up, the sparkling threads start to grow from their cores and root themselves into the crystals.
  5. Invite the celestial beings to join the circle, and observe with gratitude how their hearts open up and connect with us through the crystals. We are forming an endless circle now, connected through the crystals.
  6. Feel how the love and compassion from all our hearts ignite the crystal spiral. The crystal spiral holds the love of all our hearts, uniting it in one. Observe the sensations, feelings, colours when we pulsate different tones and frequencies, creating a beautiful sound of oneness.


  1. Be aware that one of the purposes of participating in the telepathic workshops is to offer the opportunity to beings of other dimensions and worlds of Gaia to collaborate together with us humans on themes important to us all.
  2. Take some moments to feel all those wonderful beings, and to express your gratitude.
  3. Ask these beings and worlds to repeat (with us) these proposed exercises into the future, if they decide to do so.


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