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April 2024 LifeNet Telepathic Workshop: A Critical Moment in Our Relationship with Gaia

A Critical Moment in Our Relationship with Gaia

  • Sunday, April 28th in the morning at 09.00
  • Tuesday, April 30th in the evening at 20.00

The workshop program can be found in different languages on these web pages:

www.lifenet.si or https://www.lebensnetz-geomantie.de/

A Critical Moment in Our Relationship with Gaia

This workshop addresses the relationship of humanity with Gaia. It is inspired by an urgent message from Gaia received by our Hebrew translator Michal Yakir:

Human beings

Your faces are always turned forward, to the stars

Do not leave me behind your back as you evolve

Carry me in your awareness

With you

As we are one

Otherwise the highest mission of transforming matter into love

Will be lost again

This workshop is telepathic and we orientate ourselves according to the course of the Sun. That means no matter where the participant is located, the workshop always begins at the given time according to your local time zone.

If needed, review the Guidelines for Telepathic Workshops published on these two websites. Study the workshop plan beforehand and have it printed with you or available on your computer or phone, so that you can follow the sequences.

Since we each have different rhythms of how we engage in our spiritual work, take as much time as you need for each sequence.

Group Attunement

Be grounded in your heart and body and feel the presence of our group, which includes elemental, angelic and spiritual beings who support us.

Although we are spread widely around the world, we come together in our love for Gaia and our sense of shared responsibility for the life of Earth.

Sequence 1: The Plea of Gaia (proposed by Marko Pogačnik)

The message received by Michal Yakir makes us aware that through the extensive implementation of the rational approach in all areas of life and technology, the Earth is being secretly deprived of its true nature and the purpose of its existence. A cosmic rape is under way. The following exercise is meant to inspire human beings to return to the path that Gaia and her elemental worlds have prepared for us all: to work on “transforming matter into love”.

  1. Imagine the Tree of Life in its beauty and aliveness, extending through all areas of Gaia’s universe. Take enough time to feel its presence.
  2. Suddenly you realize that one of its branches extends far away from the tree. The branch feels dark as if deprived of life force.
  3. Following that branch in your imagination, you realize that it leads into a huge and complicated laboratory. There the golden sap of life is used to build spaceships using artificial brains.
  4. Grab that branch and carry it in a large bow back to its original place within Gaia’s Tree of Life. See how fresh leaves appear and flowers open.
  5. Anchor its presence within your heart space so that it cannot be captured for purposes foreign to life eternal.
  6. Create a luminous sphere of protection around Gaia’s Tree of Life to make sure that none of its branches can be used for selfish purposes by the human race.
  7. Imagine us all collaborating to hold hands and dance around Gaia’s Tree of Life.

Sequence 2: Attuning to the Earth’s Life-Giving Network (proposed by Tea Golob)

Everything on the Earth, seen or unseen, is entangled in the secrecy of Gaia’s divine creative forces. Let us attune to these primordial life-giving forces that beckon us to connect to the planet’s vast network, akin to the celestial world wide web (www), and thereby to revive our awareness of interconnectedness. Through embracing this profound sense of entwinement, we can unveil our unique individual purpose as both Earthly beings and celestial entities inhabiting this amazing planet. Through this interconnectedness, only peace, love and cooperation can manifest.

  1. Imagine yourself walking through the ancient forest. The gentle sway of tree canopies whispers in the wind, you hear birds singing and distant echoes of wild animals joyfully roaming around.  You are safe and supported in this natural sanctuary.
  2. You come to the beautiful forest glade where the grass beneath your feet is a plush carpet full of flowers. You settle into the heart of the serene clearing, enjoying the caress of sunbeams.
  3. You become aware that you are seated within a circle of mushrooms of various shapes and colors. You touch them with your hands, feeling an inexplicable magnetic pull that seems to connect you to the roots of these fungi. You delve deep down into the vast mycelium network that intricately links all the minerals, plants, animals – and yourself. Attune to the highly evolved elemental beings that resonate with this vast network of life.
  4. Allow yourself to listen, feel and sense all the emotions and information flowing through you, intertwining not only with the forest, but with the whole planet and the whole universe of Gaia. In this magical moment of interconnectedness, embrace the feeling of gratitude for all that you experience.


Sequence 3: Birth of Elemental Angels (proposed by Ying Li)

Every birth is a cosmic event, a passage through Gaia’s gateways of love. By attuning to Gaia’s heart, we learn that the precious gift of life is not only bestowed upon the biological kingdoms such as humans, animals and plants. The seeding of divine consciousness within mountains, oceans and wide areas enables the angelic and elemental beings to co-create vibrant aliveness in diverse landscapes.

  1. Gently cup your hands in front of your heart space and imagine there is a single sparkling grain of sand between your hands. This grain of sand is the I AM presence, a fractal of Gaia’s will to be.
  2. Slowly open your hands and allow the grain of sand to drop into your pelvis. Your pelvis is like a chalice full of Earth’s waters. The moment the grain of sand touches your pelvic waters, waves of Gaia’s love spread across your multidimensional body.
  3. Take a moment to sense the tremendous power of Gaia’s heart, which enables life to be nourished and worlds to be created. Through the explosion of love in Gaia’s heart, she draws in beings from the angelic realm to become devas in her landscapes.
  4. Feel how the beings of the angelic network are birthed as elemental angels within mountains, lakes, deserts and seas. Sense their bliss as they embark on the experience of collaborating with Gaia and her co-evolutions.
  5. Now see the sparkling grain nestled within your heart as a fractal of Gaia’s heart within you. As you feel the waves of love’s creative power, give thanks for all the elemental beings who uphold life within our Earthly paradise.

Sequence 4: Humanity as an Expression of Gaia in the Universe (proposed by Haro Wijnsouw)

Humanity’s destiny lies in the Universe. However, if we take this step apart from Gaia, we become a purely rational and artificial being, lost in our own imagination in a lifeless universe. Our real role lies in spreading the deep Earthly wisdom.

  1. You are, just like during the March workshop, in an unspecified location in Ukraine, far from the violence of war. The bottom opens again, making the Earth’s inner Sun visible. This time however, the Moon moves in front of the Sun, and a complete solar eclipse takes place.
  2. The inner solar eclipse brings Earth’s inner Milky Way into the foreground. You are surrounded by twinkling stars. Within you the inner Milky Way and the Milky Way in the sky become one.
  3. Notice that through this union Gaia grows into the Milky Way. However, at some point she stops growing. Something is holding her back from further expression in the Universe.
  4. You are now on top of Mount Sinai in Egypt and you are filled by the inexhaustible power of Gaia speaking through this mountain. It is night time and you are surrounded by the sparkling stars. Bring your hands in front of your heart, then spread your arms and legs as wide as possible. Notice how through this movement Gaia grows further into the vast Universe.


  • Be aware that one of the purposes of participating in the telepathic workshops is to offer the opportunity to beings of other dimensions and worlds of Gaia to collaborate together with us humans on themes important to us all.
  • Take some moments to feel all those wonderful beings, and to express your gratitude.
  • Ask these beings and worlds to repeat (with us) these proposed exercises into the future, if they decide to do so.

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