Planet-Centric Awareness: Dialogues on Peace

Guest lecture at The Department of Political Science, Sapienza University, Rome

I had the privilege of delivering a lecture as an invited speaker at the Department of Political Science, Sapienza University, Rome. This opportunity arose from a fruitful three-month study visit I undertook in 2023, during which I established a rewarding collaboration with the faculty. The lecture itself emerged as a tangible outcome of our collaboration.

Centered on the theme of “Dialogues on Peace,” my presentation delved into the concept of planetary consciousness—a profoundly significant notion perched on the precipice of scientific inquiry. Planetary consciousness represents a groundbreaking approach to reimagining humanity’s role within societal and natural ecosystems. It underscores the interconnectedness of all life on Earth, aspiring to cultivate a sense of unity that transcends divisive boundaries.

This paradigm shift towards planetary consciousness holds promise as a catalyst for inclusive social identities and as a mechanism for forging new connections between individuals, technology, and the natural world. In my lecture, I delve into the potential of planetary consciousness, closely aligning it with the concept of meta-reflexivity, a cornerstone of my academic pursuits and publications.

I am genuinely enthused to merge my scholarly endeavors with insights that I’m getting from the ethereal fabric of our planet. Embracing planetary consciousness compels us to recognize the far-reaching implications of our actions—not only for ourselves but for the entire biosphere. It entails a profound sense of taking care of the Earth and all its inhabitants, akin to the care we extend to our own homes and families. It beckons us to be mindful of the environmental consequences of our choices and to make decisions that nurture rather than harm our shared home.


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