Harmonious sensing, acting and cooperating

This website was created with the desire to convey much more than just a few words and photos. The words that I wrote with my virtual pen reflect my experiences of sensing various multidimensional spaces of our beloved planet, my contacts with fairy and angelic beings and messages coming from the stars. The photos as well, reflect how I resonate with the space. Both, words and images are meant to awaken our true essence and awareness of existence beyond the material plane. Each of us is a part of the whole and at the same time an important co-creator of life on Earth. Together we can support each other and contribute to a more harmonious, meaningful and loving life on this beautiful planet.

Magic fern is also an invitation to all of you to respond and comment on posts, and thus to with me and others who will be drawn to this page. It is an opportunity to work and collaborate both online and face to face. Either in the form of workshops and meetings that I organize, or in some other form inspired by our common journey.

Why Magic Fern?

We live in a time presenting an extraordinary opportunity to live in the fullness of our potential. We must discard unnecessary worries, pains and fears that influence our unconscious and conscious actions. We often feel that the road to get there is too long, if at all attainable. However, I prefer to believe that everything we need is already within us, that we don't really need to go anywhere, but just look at ourselves bravely and wholeheartedly. Let us e allow ourselves to receive the help of all hands that want to support us. I wish Magic Fern to be one of those hands - or rather, together with you, several hands at the same time.

Everyone walks their own path, with their own challenges and experiences. Through our common realms of the in subconscious and in search of insights that support each soul individually. However, it is even more important to connect in the search of the 'new' spaces that can be shared. This is tremendously important at a time of tectonic changes and shifts in the world, at a time of heavy and dense vibrations of fear, anger, and reluctance that accumulate in the common memory of human experience. These are all images that are not real and we must release them - otherwise we will remain trapped in them. Let's go to the realms of the New Earth. Our planet is already experiencing its reincarnation, dressing into a lighter body. We, as part of it, are not only invited to this journey, but heartily encouraged to stay interwoven with this new state of existence. These new spaces are already here, around us and in us. Every time we feel love in ourselves, peace, joy and when we are connected to the source, we are present in these spaces. This is a new level of consciousness, of being, aligned with zodiacal and cosmic cycles that are unimaginably more powerful than the drive of our unsustainable civilization.

What can we do together?

We have the ability to make decisions, with is a gift given to us by birth. Where are we going to be present - in the illusion of the old or in the loving spaces of the new?

May our journey, on which we are accompanied by the beings of the universe, our guardians and guides, lead us to the center of these spaces, right to the heart of Gaia. On the way, let us receive insights and inspirations that our soul needs in order to fully live incarnated in these beautiful bodies. It is a transition to a new Earth - here and now.